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Thank you for your interest in the groups and reunions section of the 41st Annual Octoberfest. 

  • Date: Friday, October 13


  • Time: 5:30-11pm

  • Fee:  $100 per 10 X 10 space. For an additional $125, your group can reserve a Port-a-John.

  • Rules:

    • No refunds for cancellation or rain. Exhibitors must furnish their own tables, chairs, hanging, space, and other items needed for group event

    • Due to high-space demand for cooking teams, groups must be set up in pre-assigned space only; one group per space. If you would like to set up two tents, please reserve two spaces. 

    • No one will be allowed to sell food of any kind in the class reunions and group space.

  • Reservation: Email to begin!​

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