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Thank you for your interest in concessions sales for the 38th Annual Octoberfest! At this time, all spots for concessioners are reserved! If you would like to place your name on a wait list, please contact the Chamber of Commerce at 662-843-2712.

  • Dates & Times: Friday, October 8th from 5-11pm and Saturday, October 9th from 9am-6pm 


  • Fees Schedule:  Commercial Vendors Rigs: $700     Chamber Members: $300


  • Rules: 

    • No vendor will be allowed to sell: water, soft drinks or beer, BBQ, pretzels, brats, sausages, or hotdogs.

    • There is a designated area for concessions at OCTOBERFEST. No one will be allowed to sell food in any other area. 

    • The OCTOBERFEST Committee reserves the right to have exhibitors remove items which are not representative of those submitted in their application or any restricted items.

    • Your vehicle must be moved to a designated parking area after you have unloaded supplies.  No cars will be allowed to park in the barricaded area.  Any cars parked in barricaded area will be towed at the owner’s expense.

    • Concessioners are responsible for their own electric needs.

    • If you have a trailer, you must bring a 12 X 12 X 2 inch landing pad (block of wood) for your trailer tongue and each jack used to stabilize your rig. Please help us protect the asphalt!  

    • IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The tax commission is cracking down on festivals.  You must pay sales tax in Cleveland for this event or you will not be allowed back.


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